This week on The Leap to Freedom Show, we talk about getting you out of overwhelm and into action using Time Blocking for Productivity.  It is all about more time for fun!  

Learning to make the most of your time is essential as an entrepreneur.  The last thing you want is to feel burned out and resentful of your decision to be an entrepreneur.

Have you been “busy” but feel like nothing is actually moving forward?  In this episode, I guide you on how to use time-blocking to make yourself more productive than busy….and claim back some time for fun!


Takeaways from this episode on Time Blocking for Productivity:

  1. Time blocking is dividing tasks you need to do and allotting time to do them each day.
  2. Then, from those blocks fill in your week.
  3. Be sure to add blocks for resting and relaxing.
  4. During each task block, only focus on that task. Don’t think about everything else you have to do, only think about the task at hand.
  5. For many, checking things off on a list is actually very satisfying and motivating.
  6. Finally, it will only work if you stay motivated and actually do the work during the blocks.

Thanks for listening in today!

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