This week on The Leap to Freedom Show, we dive into how self-criticism can hold us back from our big dreams.

Have you ever said to yourself “I could never do that”?  Do you often say negative things about yourself?  You are not alone!  If you are a highly successful person with a strong drive, you have most likely had moments of self-criticism.  On today’s show, I talk about a few ways to mitigate those thoughts before they cause too much damage!

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Takeaways from this episode on Saying No to Self-Criticism:

  1. Know the difference between being humble and self-criticism
  2. Check your thoughts…
  3. Whenever you’re thinking and your inner monologue starts becoming negative, tell yourself no and remind yourself that you are, in fact, capable of a lot and deserve positivity in your life. You are worthy.
  4. Replace negative thoughts with realistic statements
  5. Consider what is real and valid vs what your mind is projecting
  6. Take your own advice…..I’m sure you’ve told your friends to notice all that they have achieved until now and that their self-criticism is ridiculous because they are so talented and hardworking.
  7. Start a self-gratitude journal – At the end of each day, take 10-15 minutes and write down the things you did that day that made you feel good about yourself or even felt proud of yourself.
  8. Take extra time for self-care.
  9. Above all… yourself!

Thanks for listening in today!

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