Living on Purpose with Rachel Aiken

On this week’s show, I had the pleasure of having Rachel Aiken with me as we talk about living on purpose!

Rachel Aiken is known as The Minimalist Systems Strategist, helping ambitious female entrepreneurs simplify their business so that they can gain more time, become profitable, and scale faster.

I have always been a stong believer of keeping life simple and doing what you love!  Rachel shares her story of going from being homeless at 17 to live out my purpose as a teacher and then to setting up her own purpose-led business- teaching women the systems they need to simplify and scale their business.

Takeaways from this episode on Living on Purpose:

  1. Listening to your internal nudges as to what your purpose is
  2. If you are searching for your purpose…think about what made you happy as a child
  3. Do what is necessary for you to thrive 
  4. Be open to try new things 
  5. Face your fears and do what brings you joy

How to connect with Rachel:

Thanks for listening in today!

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