Manifesting Magic is the theme for this week on The Leap to Freedom Show.  Tracey-Anne Greenhow shares with us her story on manifesting her husband in 8 weeks!  Manifesting is not just for finding the love of your life but for everything you want!  

Tracey-Anne is a certified coach and NLP practitioner helping people manifest the life of their dreams!

Manifesting what you want in life is fun and easy…but there are a few key ingredients to the process!  Listen in to discover how to have what you want in life!

Takeaways from this episode on Manifesting Magic:

  1. Tracey-Anne shares her story about how she manifested her husband.
  2. It may not show up as you think.
  3. Be ready to receive.
  4. Clarity is key!
  5. Be in alignment with what you want to manifest.
  6. When you are ready…it will come.
  7. Be patient!

How to connect with Tracey-Anne:

Thanks for listening in today!

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