This week on The Leap to Freedom Show, Julie Turner gives us an introduction to Hypnosis and its various uses within the coaching/personal growth world.  She gives also gives us tips on how to relax into figuring out what is holding you back!  If you have been feeling stuck in achieving your goals, join us as we share really simple things you can do to let go and get unstuck.

Julie is a multifaceted entrepreneur in the wellness field. She brings her 3 main modalities of coaching, counseling, and hypnotherapy together to help people get unstuck, embrace who they are let go of who they are not.  She is also the author of “So I was thinking” and the host of Know BS Talk Radio.


Takeaways from this episode on Let Go & Get Unstuck:

  1. Julie sheds light on the truth about Hypnosis and this it is not just all “show biz”
  2. Hypnosis as a tool for achieving your desires!
  3. There is no mind control in hypnosis….it is actually letting go and allowing what you want.
  4. Take some time to slow down and breathe to tune into your true desires and your blocks
  5. Lean in – tune in – and let the flow happen
  6. When you are ready…it will come.
  7. 20-second exercise to help you figure out what is holding you back.
  8. Above all… yourself!

How to connect with Julie:

Thanks for listening in today!

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