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My Story

 The question most asked of me is:  

“How do you do it all?”

I am a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur, life-long learner, goal setter, manifester and achiever!  While I am definitely an over-achiever, I strongly value my freedom.  Living life on my terms is super important to me and I love helping others have that lifestyle too.  

I am an experienced certified professional coach with 30+ years of leadership and business experience as a CPA.  My coach training started out as a Health Coach and Nutritionist and then Money Coaching.  To enhance my current coaching I have studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)….and soon, hypnosis! 

Overall I have had extraordinary amounts of success for which I am very grateful.  I have owned several business over the years….some amazing others not!  Always a lesson! I have been a leader for most of my life and love seeing people grow and succeed.

I am a mother to the most amazing daughter and live on the beautiful West Coast.  

My Values & Beliefs

High Integrity, high value

I believe in a coaching practice that is of the highest integrity.  My clients deserve and a space in which I hold them in confidence.  I also believe in offering the highest value I can.


My top personal values in which I live my life and operate my business are integrity, accomplishment, authenticity, freedom, independence and growth.  


I believe everyone has a purpose and deserves to live a life on their terms, not a life dictated by others.  I believe in giving just as much as I believe in receiving (says my internal money coach LOL!)  

My Approach

My approach to coaching is very non-traditional!  I combine my strategic planning background as a leader in business for 30+ years with my coach training to bring you a very action-based style of coaching.  My style is more about guiding people in a more personalized way with goals, planning and getting it done!  Very action-based.   My signature program  Living with Purpose helps my clients align their values with their highest desires to live a life that brings true joy and abundance.



Featured Publications

Morning Magic Gratitude & Success Journal

  • Morning Magic is all about creating morning rituals for yourself, helping you bring your best self forward each day. This journal is a combination of gratitude, goals, successes, and weekly check-ins. It also guides you to better self-care and is filled with weekly inspirational quotes to keep you motivated. It is like having mini-coaching sessions each week! The journal is un-dated and is in a convenient size of 8×10 for writing ease.

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