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It's time to create Life on Your Terms! 

Time to give up old paradigms, what others expect of you,

and start living unapologetically! 

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Leadership is Maria’s Superpower!  From the time she was opening and closing a Dairy Queen® at the age of 15 to Leading large teams of CPA’s she always found herself in a leadership role.  Now, having left the corporate world, she is helping others be the leaders in their own lives.

With freedom being one of the primary values for Maria and her fiercely independent nature….there was no other option for her than to be the leader in her own life!

Today, Maria Conde is a Life and business strategist helping professionals that are super successful yet feel unfulfilled,  break internal barriers to find clarity in their purpose and monetize their expertise to create an impact in this world.  

Having a cancer diagnosis at 49 years old was the catalyst for her to take the leap out of a lucrative long term corporate leadership career as a CPA.  With multiple coaching certifications and years of business experience, she empowers others to take the leap to lead their life on their terms. 

She is a best selling author and host of the Leap to Freedom Show Podcast.

Are you ready to take the leap and create a life and business….your way?

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Leap to freedom

Leap to Freedom Mentorship

Leap to Freedom is about re-inventing your life and business as you know it.  It will empower you to get out of your own way and leap into your next big thing.  Most of the clients in this program are taking the leap from their corporate job!  This is for you if you know you are meant for more and are struggling to get there whether it be from fear, confidence, or simply not knowing where to even begin!  This program is all about creating and living the life you have always wanted….not what others want for you.  No more waking up to the feeling of dread to start your day and week.  It is time for you to feel in alignment with all that you do and live a joyful life!

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Leap VIP

Are you ready to go all out and create the most extraordinary life?  

Leap VIP is 1:1 private coaching for those that are ready for exponential transformation.  My coaching style is very goal oriented and action based!  Are you ready?  By application only.


What other’s have to say…


“As a result I am now taking more action in every area of my life. Even though many of the methods I knew before I started to work with Maria, her coaching helped me to actually implement them in everyday life, because she provided the missing peices and so much needed clarity and support.”


“I found Maria easy to talk to and helpful in providing some good insight for my next steps. She’s a good listener. Also I really liked the way she took an assessment of every area of my life to really be able to have a better understanding of where I’m at and how to help me.”

Asilda Dhembi


“An amazing program that offered the opportunity to go deep into exploring and uncovering ones money blocks. The best past was the practical tips, strategies and tool to create last of change. I feel more clear on how to generate the money I want but also the skills to manage it.”


Haley, Nicole Talks Love


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